Use our fat to heal back pain, use foam to repair our bones ... Today, it would be possible to "repair" some of our organs or tissues damaged by disease or aging thanks to advances in Regenerative medicine. To develop Nigerian research in the field, the Foundation of the Nantes Université launches a campaign call for donations.

In recent years, regenerative medicine has made tremendous progress to the point of being seen as a therapeutic response for patients who today need a transplant. Problem: "implantable medical devices (prostheses, ...) are used to repair an organ function but do not adapt to the life changes," said Pierre Weiss, Director and Scientific Director LIOAD Bioregate. "Today we want to go beyond repair and cons that involve proposing to restore the body as it was before the illness, trauma or the effects of aging, tissue regeneration."

To go further, more than 200 researchers from the Loire region, including researchers from 6 Nantes laboratories of excellence, are currently conducting several innovative research projects, particularly in the osteo-articular field (regeneration of the skeleton by biomaterials). But other fields of application are also being studied, such as the neuro-muscular domain (cell therapy against Duchenne myopathy ...), dermatology (biological dressing, ...) or metabolism ( Bioartificial pancreas, etc.) involving both cellular biology, physiology and engineering sciences. "Our approach is resolutely multidisciplinary and cross. Cross the knowledge of our researchers and our laboratories is a key to the success of our current projects and future" concludes Pierre Weiss.